What causes memory loss and lack of focus?


You know you have a poor memory when you find yourself suddenly forget something you’ve always known, or when you forget what you’ve just heard, or worse, when you start to experience such lapses in memory more often. However, poor memory is very common, especially in older adults, you should not worry if it starts to get in the way of normal day to day activities.

There are of course cases of memory that are related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s, as well as the experience of trauma. For most people, though poor developing age-related memory. It is usually obvious in the elderly, but even much younger people may be less a problem too. The good thing is to know what causes memory loss and lack of focus can help you prevent or reverse it.

Memory loss is a sign of nerve (neuron) degeneration of the brain, which reduces its ability to store and recall information. Neuron degeneration is part of normal aging, which can start from the 20s, when your body fails to provide enough of the necessary materials to the brain and also slows its ability to renew or produce new cells. But while this is normal, there are also external factors that can contribute to poor memory, all of which can be avoided.

So what causes memory loss and lack of focus?

One usual cause of poor memory is poor nutrition. If your diet lacks nutrients your brain cells need, then your mind can not function at its best. Omega 3 and B-vitamins are essential brain nutrients you should get from the regular diet. Antioxidants from fruits can also protect against oxidation process that deteriorates the neurons.

Poor blood flow in memory function as well. It is of course the blood that carry oxygen and nutrients that the brain needs. Those who suffer from high blood pressure and low blood pressure may find it difficult to concentrate, memorize or remember information.

Another factor that can cause memory loss and lack of focus is stress. When you are busy with your concerns, you have a greater tendency to lose interest and focus, and become more forgetful. Stress, if not managed properly, can also develop depression and dementia.

not getting enough sleep also causes poor memory and other brain functions. Without enough rest, your brain can slow down the processing of information, which causes a person to lose focus, get easily confused or even delete.

carbon monoxide poisoning is another common cause of memory loss as it can actually damage neurons. Aside from carbon monoxide, you should also avoid other harmful substances such as lead, mercury and chemicals found in paints and pesticides.

drink too much alcohol or taking illegal substances can seriously damage the brain and nerve cells too. While the disruption of normal brain function is only obvious when someone is drunk or under the influence of drugs, the damage is much more permanent and can affect my person later. Similarly, some prescribed sedatives and anesthetics also cause poor memory and lack of focus.