Prescription Swim Goggles


Prescription swim goggles protects eyes from ailments such as eye infection, corneal inflation, pink eye, lumps in the eye, seeing colored rings around the eyes and other related diseases that may cause temporary, distorted or permanent blindness. These disorders or diseases are usually caused by excess exposure to the eye chlorine. Silicon based prescription swim goggles are specially created to protect eyes from chlorine usually come in different varieties of colored lenses also protect your eyes from UV rays and sun rays when swimming there.

They are basically responsible for letting you see things in a clear underwater without having to wear goggles over contact lenses or glasses. Wearing glasses over glasses leads to an imbalance in the location of goggles that leads to water seeping in goggles so do not let you see anything clearly. Most people prefer wearing contact lenses under their goggles to see things clearly. But this is actually ends up affecting the eyes drastically. Lenses might come off if by chance water comes inside the goggles and also causes infection because of bacteria and other microorganisms that adhere to the lenses.

Below are some things that should be considered while buying prescription swimming goggles

· Lenses: The prescription swim goggles should be brought to a prescription. Buy random prescription swim goggles will eventually disrupt your vision even more underwater. There are two types of prescription swim goggles available, step diopter and custom goggles. Step diopter goggles are standard goggles manufactured by various companies with preset prescriptions. A man buys a goggle reached his own prescription. These goggles are fine for people who have the -8.00 power or astigmatism of -1.00. Even though one can see better underwater with these goggles, but can not achieve perfect vision. It is recommended to choose goggle with less power than the prescribed authority in the eyes.

Custom goggles on the other hand are made to exact specifications and prescription and is designed to fit you perfectly, too. Mostly people with power above -8.00 use custom prescription glasses. Lenses should colored accordingly to protect your eyes from UV rays when swimming outdoors. Stretch of prescription swim goggles should be tightly closed. The band should fit perfectly on the bone around the eyes around the eyes to protect your eyes from water seeping in.