Improving Vision Naturally – 4 Eye depth perception Enhancing Techniques


Interestingly, there are many sports that we play where essential visual skills used to help us achieve better athletic performance on the field. For example, baseball player Mark Mc.Guire depends on this ability to accurately judge distances and it is used when the athlete is placed football, basketball or hockey puck. We need to navigate our environment when we’re walking and driving. Moreover, this feature allows us to know where to target or hit balls. This important skill is called eye depth perception. What is depth perception? Depth perception is defined as the visual capabilities help us determine the correct distance between objects in field.Without this skill it would be difficult or impossible to accurately judge distances between people and objects in all directions. If you are concerned that depth perception skills are poor; Here are some depth perception exercises to improve this visual capacity

1. For this particular technology, you need pens or two pencils. Keep two pens or pencils in each hand in a horizontal or vertical position at a distance from each other. Then stretch your arms out wide and by closing one eye; try to touch the tips of both pencils together. The aim of this strategy is to enable you to judge the distance between two objects.

2. You need beaded strings to perform this exercise. Take a long string of 15-20 meters long and connect at least a few beads of this string. Connect one end of this string simply tie it to a door knob or if you prefer, you can use a piece of Scotch tape or masking tape to cover one end of it on the wall. Make sure it is at eye level. Hold the other end of the string and go back as far as possible so that the cord is fully extended. Hold this end of the string against the tip of your nose. Focus on the first bead. Did you notice that the eyes formed X on the first bead? If you did, this means that the depth perception skills are good. If in case the focus of the first bead, you see a picture of 3 strings appear instead of 2, to continue to focus on other beads down the string where your eyes can produce a picture of the X.Practice also move your eyes from bead to bead up and string of bead the bead down the string. The benefit of this exercise is that it shows you how to improve depth perception. Some other advantages of this technology are also eye relaxation effects and increase the focusing power of the eye.

Here are some activities depth perception you can do to improve

this important visual capabilities

3. This routine requires member, straw and a tooth pick. Have a partner hold the straw in a horizontal position at a distance of about 2 feet in front of you. By closing one of your eyes, take a tooth pick and put it into one end of the straw hole. This exercise increases depth perception. Practice these techniques on a regular basis about 4 times a week and give them at least 30 days notice.

4. A research study at the University of Rochester suggests that video games actually do improve depth perception person. The study was a comparison made of the optical performance of video game enthusiasts who played action video games such as car racing and those who play board games. The games were played in a few hours for a period of about a month. Those who played board games not notice any improvement in depth perception skills, however; video game group took a 20% increase in visual skills.

Eye Depth perception helps us with important skills play an important role in sports such as football, basketball and baseball. They assist us in our ability to get around in our environment when we walk and drive our cars. Benefits include increased emphasis on the power of sight. Ultimately, they contribute to an enhanced ability to judge distances accurately; basic skills important to improve athletic performance in sports and driving.