Ergonomics for Pain Free games


It is now common for people to spend many hours each day playing video games. If you are one of those kind of people you should know about ergonomics so you do not suffer unnecessary pain. Ergonomics basically means that you design a sitting position and the space around you to be comfortable and least harmful effect on the body. There are several different steps you can take to help you with this –

1. First of all you should make sure than when you’re sitting in the lower part of the back is pushed firmly place. This helps to provide support to the spine and also maintains a healthy form back. You should also try to keep your feet firmly on the ground to take some weight off the rest of the body.

2. Position the upper body is also important. When playing video games you should try to keep you forearms parallel to the floor with your elbows tucked into your sides. Keep your shoulders and relax as much as possible.

3. You should not keep all the things you need far away from you, so you need to stretch them even if you want to drink a soda or tea while playing a game this should be fingertips.

4. It is best to sit in a position so that the top of the screen or the screen is in line with your vision. It is natural that our eyes to stare down; This takes pressure off the neck.

5. The screen or monitor should also be in front of you. If you are turning the upper body and neck to see it then this is likely to cause pain.

6. If you’re talking on your cell phone while playing video games then turn on the speaker phone or get a hands free set. Do not jam the phone between your ear and shoulder.