What are the most comfortable lenses Available?


I’ve been wearing contact lenses for about 10 years ago and there are times when they can make my eyes down right dry and uncomfortable. It is drought, which has led me to search to find out what kind of contact lenses are the most convenient.

I’ve tried all kinds of brand and many companies contacts make bold claims on the box that are never proven true in real life situations. They may promise they will keep their eyes moist longer and you will not suffer irritation, but everyone’s body make-up is different too and plays this role in finding the right lenses for you.

Lenses needs to breathe and O2 Optix contact lenses made by Ciba Vision allow more oxygen to get through them. In fact, they keep up to 5 times more oxygen will flow through these contacts the typical lens, which allows you to sleep in them for up to 5 nights in a row without letting them soak in the solution. The average will cost you about $ 20 per box, but you can get a better price if you buy more boxes at once.

Then I tried a different kind of contacts that were most comfortable pair that I had ever tried, and they stayed that way for weeks. This was Acuvue Oasys. I had worn the Acuvue 2 lenses for years, but I really needed to change something that does not irritate my eyes as much. The Oasys lenses were like small water drops in my eyes that never went dry and they would last much longer than the recommended 2 weeks.