Why so many people with eye problems and Getting Computer Vision Syndrome


“Doctor, my eyes are sore, red and crusty everyday! Can you help me find our what causes this?” Doctor replied 😕 How much time do you spend on the computer “

This is a common, everyday complaints of many ophthalmologists and vision centers The fact that so many people are spending less time outside in natural sunlight, especially. In the winter months, is to promote this growing problem wounds, computer eyes. It has been given the name “computer vision syndrome” and ophthalmologists are warning people to take measures to prevent this eye syndrome can cause more eye ailments.

Computer monitors are designed with lighting that is very unnatural to the human eye. The black-on-white print is also hard on the eyes when you stare at the computer for hours, greatly strains the eyes. Our eyes are not supposed to stare the unnatural light for hours, let alone every single day. People who work at computers all day are finding this to cause a threat to their jobs.

Our ancestors spent a lot of time outdoors, farming and outdoor, family . Healthy doses of natural sunlight helps our eyes to get enough of all sizes light we need for optimal health. Harvard Health studies have noted that the balance of the amount of sunlight keep our eyes in good shape as well as our whole being. The hypothalamus in the back of our brain is connected to the pineal gland that regulates the production of serotonin and melatonin. Lack of sunlight or full spectrum light, causes an increase in melatonin, which explains why so many people feel sluggish, tired and depressed more in the winter. Sitting on a PC screen, along with a lack of full spectrum light only improves eye health

This is a list of common problems of regular computer users :.

Red, dry, itchy eyes

sticky eyes on waking and throughout the day

Declining color and sensory clarity

sneezing and watery eyes

swollen eyes and face

Glasses strength is not good enough

headache, dizziness and blurred vision


If you are suffering from any of these symptoms and may wonder if you are not seeing eye doctor and let him know how much time you spend on the computer. You may need stronger glasses as it can cause permanent damage to your eyes, if it continues unchecked. There are a few things you can do to protect truth and ailing, sore eyes.

Many companies are selling computer screen shields to fit the display screen to protect your eyes from harmful lights in it, like all the electro-magnetic field coming from it. Special or stronger glasses prescription eye can also be prescribed by an ophthalmologist for computer use. There are also a host of full spectrum lamps computer and bulbs to buy and use your local computer and your home, give your eyes a well requires proper light.

Do not think about them “peepers” as they are the only ones you’ll ever have, and no job is worth risking your eyesight! There is help for your wound, tired eyes.

Want to learn more about keeping your eyes healthy? I suffered from this syndrome and would be glad to help, so follow the links to my other articles on this very important computer vision syndrome!



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